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This is a non commercial website intended for educational and historical research purpose only. The goal of this website is to provide a chronological biography of Adolf Hitler in pictures, along with unusual articles and documents in progress. Please note that due to copyright restrictions, a lot of photos cannot be displayed on this website, they are still documented in our internal database, don't hesitate to contact me should you need any help.

Important note:
The Third Reich period and the National Socialist dictatorship was a break in civilization and the lowest point in German history. This resulted in over 50 million war deaths from the Second World War instigated by the Nazi regime, Europe in ruins, 6 million European Jews murdered during the Holocaust, 14 million forced laborers, countless victims of the "euthanasia" program, persecution and murder of communists, social democrats, trade unionists, homosexuals, dissenting intellectuals and artists.
Most of the photos featured on this website have served for propaganda purpose during this period, they show what the regime wanted to show, and should be placed within their context to be fully understood.

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