1. Major biographies
  2. Source books / Important informative resource
  3. Photography books about Adolf Hitler
  4. Memoirs from Adolf Hitler's entourage
  5. The Obersalzberg area and the Berghof
  6. Architecture of the Third Reich
  7. The Führerhauptquartier (Hitler's headquarters)
  8. Other noteworthy books about Adolf Hitler
  9. Other noteworthy books about the Third Reich
Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris
By Ian Kershaw
912 pages (English)

Editor's note: "The first volume of this reference biography follows the emergence of Hitler and the first years of his power until the Nuremberg laws that pushed German Jews to the fringes of society and the march of the German army into Rhineland."
Hitler: 1936-1945 Nemesis
By Ian Kershaw
832 pages (English)

Editor's note: "In this second volume, Ian Kershaw introduces Adolf Hitler at the apex of his power, idolized by millions of Germans for bringing the nation out of economic catastrophe until he plunged the European continent into a relentless war, ultimately bringing destruction to his country."

By Peter Longerich

Editor's note: "In this major new biography, internationally acclaimed German historian Peter Longerich brings Hitler back to centre-stage in the history of Nazism, revealing a far more active and interventionist dictator than we are familiar with from recent accounts, with a flexibility of approach that often surprises."
By Joachim Fest

Editor's note: "Fest tells and interprets the extraordinary story of a man’s and nation’s rise from impotence to absolute power. He shows Hitler exploiting the resentments of the shaken, post–World War I social order and seeing through all that was hollow behind the appearance of power, at home and abroad. Fest reveals the singularly penetrating politician, hypnotizing Germans and outsiders alike with the scope of his projects and the theatricality of their presentation. He also uncovers the destructive personality that aimed for and achieved devastation on an unprecedented scale."

Hitler - Das Itinerar
By Harald Sandner
2430 pages - 4 tomes (German)

Harald Sandner has spent more than 25 years researching the entire itinerary of Adolf Hitler during his life. This results in this definitive 2430 pages chronological compilation of each of his trips, means of transport, small and big actions, encounters, etc throughout the years. Needless to say, this incredible work is my main source of research. Thank you, Mr Sandner!
Adolf Hitler und die Geschichte der NSDAP
By Paul Bruppacher
1270 pages - 2 tomes (German)

Mr Bruppacher gives us a very solid chronicle of the life of Adolf Hitler, from his birth until his death, with an almost daily account of his actions in parallel with the development of the National Socialist party.

Das Personen Lexicon zum Dritten Reich
By Ernst Klee
732 pages (German)

Mr Klee has spent more that 25 years studying National Socialism and provides us with this ultimate who's who of the Third Reich, with more than 4300 names. An invaluable source for accurate information about the actors of this period.
Organisationsbuch der NSDAP
By Robert Ley
~600 pages - 7 editions (German)

This is a great period resource book to go deeper into the organisation of the NSDAP and its sub-divisions (SA, SS, HJ, NSKK, etc)

Adolf Hitler in Bildokumenten seiner Zeit
By Heinrich Hoffmann
800 pages - 5 tomes (German)

These 5 books are a 1979 reprint of some of the Hoffmann period photo books: Hitler abfeits vom alltags, Mit Hitler im Westen, Hitler in Böhmen-Mähren-Memel, Hitler in Polen, Hitler in seinen Bergen, Hitler befreit Sudetenland, Hitler holt die Saar heim, Hitler wie ihn keiner kennt, Hitler in seiner Heimat, Jugend um Hitler, Hitler baut Grossdeutschland
Hitler, een tiran in beeld
By H. van Capelle and A.P. van de Bovenkamp
527 pages (Dutch)

This huge 527 pages (and several kilograms!) photo book in Dutch provides an interesting selection of photos (more than 1800), not only of Hitler, but also of places like the chancellery or the Berghof, and other key characters of the Third Reich.

Hitler, the pictorial documentary of his life
By John Toland
205 pages (English)

Although this little book contains a few mistakes (invented photo of "Eva meets Hitler for the first time", "Sight-seing in Paris" which in reality is in Vimy, Willi Kannenberg instead of Adolf Wagner on a caption, "Hitler and Max Wünsche visit a girl's school" on a picture inside the Berghof great hall), it’s a good general picture book of Hitler’s life.
Adolf Hitler - Chef d'état et chef de guerre
1939-1941, un aperçu photographique
By Josef Charita and Jean-Louis Roba
256 pages (French)

This photo book in French is an answer to a false statement from a biography claiming that "During the Second World War, Hitler strategized from his office, and never visited the front, his troops, a military hospital, or a bombed city." The book covers the 1939-1941 period, proving with many images that this statement is wrong.
Hitler in Italien
By Heinrich Hoffmann
96 pages (German)

Another Hoffmann photo book covering Hitler's 1938 trip to Italy.
Adolf Hitler am Deutschen Rhein
By Horst-Pierre Bothien
128 pages (German)

A photo and information book about the trips of Adolf Hitler and his staff on the Rhein and the cities they visited (mostly the August 1934 trip), and the photo propaganda work of Heinrich Hoffmann.

Hitler was my friend
The memoirs of Hitler's photographer
by Heinrich Hoffmann
259 pages (English)

Heinrich Hoffmann was the main official photographer of Adolf Hitler, but also a close friend for many years. He describes their meeting and the years that followed, during which Hoffmann had the opportunity to take literally millions of photographs from many events, until his capture by the Americans at the end of the war, and the confiscation of all his belongings.
The young Hitler I knew
The memoirs of Hitler's childhood friend
By August Kubizek
264 pages (English)

August Kubizek met a 15 year old Adolf Hitler in 1904, their mutual passion for music created a strong bond. They shared an apartement in Vienna during a rough time in Hitler's life: he was not accepted in art school and had to survive as best as he could, he then disappeared without any trace. Kubizek did not meet his friend again in 30 years, until 1938.

He was my chief
The memoirs of Adolf Hitler's secretary
By Christa Schroeder
208 pages (English)

Christa Schroeder was one of the personal secretaries of Adolf Hitler from June 1933 until 20 April 1945. In these memoirs, she depicts her relationship with Hitler, and how he behaved with his entourage throughout the years.
I was Hitler's pilot
By Hans Baur
243 pages (English)

WWI ace pilot Hans Baur became Hitler's personal pilot at the start of his huge election campaign across Germany in 1932. Hitler was so satisfied with his service (after a terrible first flying experience in 1920) that he never let anyone else be his pilot until the end of the Second World war, when both men said goodbye in Berlin's bunker.

With Hitler to the end
The memoirs of Adolf Hitler's valet
By Heinz Linge
224 pages (English)

Heinz Linge joined Hitler's elite bodyguard in 1933, and was chosen to serve as his valet after the outbreak of war in 1939. He describes Hitler's personality and his daily routine as a valet, and portrays the wartime and the decline of the Führer from the year 1940.
I was Hitler's chauffeur
By Erich Kempka
180 pages (English)

Erich Kempka joined Hitler's staff of drivers in 1932, and became Hitler's personal chauffeur in 1936 after the death of Julius Schreck. The most part of this short memoir details the last days of the Third Reich, and how Kempka was designated to be responsible for the burning of Hitler and Eva's bodies.

Hitler's last witness
The memoirs of Hitler's bodyguard
By Rochus Misch
254 pages (English)

Heinz Linge joined Hitler's elite bodyguard in 1933, and was chosen to serve as his valet after the outbreak of war in 1939. He describes Hitler's personality and his daily routine as a valet, and portrays the wartime and the decline of the Führer from the year 1940.
Hitler: Memoirs of a confidant
By Otto Wagener
333 pages (English)

These are the published memoirs written by Otto Wagener about Adolf Hitler and the Party's early history. Wagener was Adolf Hitler's party economist, chief of staff of the SA, he wrote his memoirs in 1946 while being held by the British. His work was not published until seven years after his death, in 1978 in German.

Hitler, the memoirs of a nazi insider who turned against the Führer
By Ernst Hanfstaengl
308 pages (English)

Of American and German parentage, Ernst Hanfstaengl graduated from Harvard and ran the family business before returning to Germany in 1921. He heard of Hitler and became his foreign press secretary after his come to power. In 1937, relations with Hanfstaengl had deteriorated to such a degree that he was forced to flee to Switzerland.
In Hitler's Schatten
By Julius Schaub
440 pages (German)


Hitler's last secretary
A firsthand account of Life with Hitler
By Traudl Junge
261 pages (English)

At Hitler's side
The memoirs of Hitler's Luftwaffe adjutant 1937-1945
By Nicolaus Von Below
256 pages (English)


The Hitler I knew
Memoirs of the Third Reich's press chief
By Otto Dietrich
242 pages (English)

Ein anderer Hitler
Bericht seines Architekten
By Hermann Giesler
527 pages (German)


Living with Hitler
Accounts of Hitler's household staff
By Karl Wilhelm Krause, Herbert Döhring, and Anna Plaim
230 pages (English)

This compilation of 3 books is the first English translation of the memoirs written by Hitler's valet (Kammerdiener bei Hitler: Im Schatten der Macht), his housekeeper (Hitler's Hausverwalter), and a chambermaid (Bei Hitlers: Zimmermädchen Annas Erinnerungen).
Im inneren Kreis
Adjutant Ritterkreuzträger Reisemarschall
By Fritz Darges
94 pages (German)


Hitler's interpreter
The memoirs of Paul Schmidt
By Paul Schmidt
271 pages (English)

Hitler's Berchtesgaden
A guide to Third Reich sites in the Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg area
By Geoffrey R. Walden
160 pages (English)

Here is a great book for anyone willing to visit the Obersalzberg and Berchtesgaden area nowadays, the author explains the history of the different sites, with "then and now" photos and tips for visitors.
Der Berghof
Hitlers verborgenes Machtzentrum
By H. van Capelle and A.P. van de Bovenkamp
239 pages (German)

This is a photo book that is partially about the Berghof, and partially with an history background on important events.

Hitlers Berghof 1928-1945
Zeitgeschichte in Farbe
By Arndt Verlag
155 pages (German)

This photo book specializes in big color photos, not only of the Berghof, but also portraits of some of its visitors, giving a small who's who of the period.
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun on the Obersalzberg
By Silvia Fabritius
120 pages (English)

Nice little photo compilation of various events and characters at the Berghof.

Die Geschichte eines Berges von Judith Platter bis heute
By Josef Geiss
168 pages (German - English version available)

This is a nice little history book about the Obersalzerg area, from Mauritia Mayer and Judith Platter, who were the first to invest on real estate on the Obersalzberg, to what the mountain has become nowadays.
Hitler's alpine headquarters
By James Wilson
288 pages (English)


Photo documentation
By Verlag A. Plenk
80 pages (German, English, French)

Trilingual black and white photobook.
Die Verwandlung eines Berges unter Martin Bormann (1936-1945)
By Verlag A. Plenk
111 pages (German)

History book of the Obersalzberg, with a few interesting maps and photos showing how the mountain changed throughout the years.

Nachbar Hitler
Führerkult und Heimatzerstörung am Obersalzberg
By Ulrich Chaussy and Christoph Püschner
248 pages (German)

Der Obersalzberg
Brennpunkt der Zeitgeschichte
By Ferdinand Schaffing
272 pages (German)


Hitler at the Obersalzberg
With perceptions by Paula Hitler, Johann Langwieder, Hans Baur
By J.C. Boone
212 pages (English)

Albert Speer - Architecture 1932-1942
By Léon Krier
245 pages (French/English)

This is a great and beautiful book for anyone interested in the architecture of the Third Reich and the works of Albert Speer, a lot of photos and plans illustrate the bilingual text.
The new German Reichschancellery in Berlin 1938-1945
By Ray and Josephine Cowdery
125 pages (English)


Hitler's chancellery
A palace to last a thousand years
By Ronald Pawly
192 pages (English)

Hitler at home
By Despina Stratigakos
373 pages (English)


Showcasing the Third Reich: The Nuremberg rallies
By Andrew Rawson
192 pages (English)

The nazis' Nuremberg rallies
By James Wilson
174 pages (English)

Au ravin du loup
Hitler en Belgique et en France, mai-juin 1940
By René Mathot
321 pages (French)

Wolf's lair
Inside Hitler's east Prussian HQ
By Ian Baxter
158 pages (English)


Hitler's Headquarters 1939-1945
Rare photographs from wartime archives
By Ian Baxter
199 pages (English)

Das Führerhauptquartier 1939-1945
By Gerhard Buck
176 pages (German)


Margival - Légendes et vérités sur le QG d'Hitler
Etude sur le Wolfsschlucht II
By Didier Ledé
123 pages (French)

French study about the Wolfsschlucht II, Hitler's headquarters in Margival, France, by the Soissons historical society. This covers everything about the hundreds of bunkers that were constructed there for the Führer, and what they have become today.

Hitler's letters and notes
By Werner Masser
390 pages (English)

This book contains a lot of letters and documents in facsimile (handwritten or dictated and typed), followed by their translation and the author's comments. It also includes some of Hitler's drawings and a few photographs. Nice material for original documents and graphology material.
Hitler's private library
The books that shaped his life
By Timothy W. Ryback
278 pages (English)


Hitler and film
The Führer's hidden passion
By Bill Niven
295 pages (English)

Hitler and the power of aesthetics
By Frederic Spotts
456 pages (English)