The Hitler pages
This website gives information about the exact locations of historical Hitler sites and shows what it looks like then and now.
Forestry of the Third Reich
This website is run by Steven, a collector of forestry from the Third Reich, and gives information about everything foresters did during this time period.
WW2 Gravestones
This website gives information and photos about people from the WW2 period, and shows their grave and its location.
Third Reich in Ruins
This page presents photos of historical sites from Germany's Third Reich, and give a "then and now" perspective, a virtual tour of the sites.
Traces of War
Huge database of information with articles, points of interest, current events, persons and awards (WW1, WW2, and other war periods).
This website provides very interesting articles and analysis about locations, books and movies about the Third Reich period.
The Wilhelm Gustloff Museum
This extremely well documented website contains everything about the Wilhelm Gustloff ship.